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Nathan Riggsdiculous
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Dr. Wright entered the growing filed of SimCity Design in the mid '80s after an unhappy carrer as a chemist creating new hair coloring formulas. About this time, a group of programers were looking for scientists to research a phenomenal new game called SimCity. Whith advanced degrees in Urban Planning, Computer Aided Design and Power Nintendonics, Dr. Wright was teh clear choice to head up the expiremental team. His insightful guides into the cause and effect of SimCities and their mayors have been recognized as the benchmark in the field. Among his many finds are theories explaining why new SimCity mayros can't stop playing the game and why the SimChicken crossed the road. Dr. Wright lives with his family in a town he designed and built from environmentally safe wicker.

I.Q.: 1000

Height: 3 inches

Education: Mario State University BA, MA, Phd, DDS, NES, Honorary Profesorship of Deep Thinking

Hobbies: F-Zero Racing, skydiving with Pilotwings, and Yoshi riding.

Past Titles: National Traffic Coordinator, President of the Society for the Preservation of Antique Plumbing.